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Do You Want To Be Taken More Seriously At Work?

November 7th, 2007

If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, I’ve got some great news for you.

You can discover powerful secrets that’ll make you look as stylish and successful as you’ve always known you deserve to be.

The Glass Slipper Styling Experiences are the ultimate guide to show you how to dress to command respect, instil confidence and further your career.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage to gain that all-important leverage over your work colleagues.

stock-male-3Here’s an interesting question: do only the high performers win praise and promotion at your work? Or is there something else going on?

If doing your job over and above expectations was really the answer, you wouldn’t be reading this now…

Here’s another way to look at it. If skill levels are the key to success, how come some of your colleagues who have just average skills seem to get noticed, leaving you frustrated and jealous?

Perhaps it’s because they know how to look good for work. As Professor Khalid Aziz, a top advisor on corporate communication and image,  says: “Like it or not, people will always be judged on their appearance as well as their abilities, and in the current climate some bosses will be reassessing their workforce. So it’s only prudent to look the part as well as acting it.”

Make sure you don’t get left behind…

Stop Spinning Your Wheels – The Success You’ve Worked So Hard To Achieve Can Now Be Yours

We’re going to let you in on a powerful secret. One of the things that sets apart the high-fliers from the under-achievers…

Successful professionals understand that dressing smartly and looking groomed is key to success in their career.

Because regardless of how exceptional you are at your job, if you don’t exude confidence and look the part, they’ll overlook you again and again.

Now there is a fast and easy solution to your “how to get noticed at work” problem.

We have tailor-made Personal Styling Experiences that are guaranteed to make you feel confident, attractive and turn heads for all the right reasons.

What makes The Glass Slipper’s Personal Styling Experiences so different, and so much more successful than others? It’s because we listen carefully to your requirements and then over-deliver on your expectations.

This approach works better than anything else you’ve ever seen.

Here Are The Advantages You’ll Gain

  • How to create a capsule wardrobe of “mix and match” key pieces that you’ll wear over and over again. You’ll look stunning in pieces perfectly cut to flatter your bodyshape and the perfect colour for you.
  • Relax while your stylist takes the strain and does all the hard work for you. She’ll do all the running around, while all you have to do is try on the clothes and decide what to buy.
  • Discover how to look stunning. You’ll learn easy-to-use strategies that will quickly transform your wardrobe from a muddle into a clothes haven. You’ll love getting dressed quickly every morning, and leave the house knowing you look gorgeous. Like a ship without a rudder, if you don’t understand and apply these principles, your wardrobe and look will drift aimlessly.
  • Enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone to discover the styles, colours and looks that will make you gasp when you look in the mirror. Your stylist will show you how to wear the perfect pieces and reveal that sassy and attractive woman ready to burst out.
  • How to create a great impression at work by looking elegant and polished. Take this quick quiz: in one sentence, write down the main benefit you would get from looking more groomed at work. Can’t do it? Then you’re cheating yourself out of your due rewards.
  • How to save £££s by buying “investment pieces”, those clothes and accessories that you’ll love and wear for many seasons. Get the cost-per-wear of each item down to a few pence by using our simple shopping strategies.
  • How to find the shops and brands that cut brilliantly for your body shape. Once you know where they are, you’ll make perfect buying decisions every time. You’ll be the envy of your friends – they’ll keep asking you how you do it.
  • Want to save yourself time? Here’s a secret you should know: after shopping with us, you’ll develop your shopping eye so much that you’ll be able to shop quickly and effectively whenever you want.
  • How to weed out those unflattering clothes that aren’t doing you any favours with our brilliant Wardrobe Makeover. And then replace them with carefully selected pieces that are a pleasure to wear and get the results you want.
  • Take your look to the next level with the comprehensive write-up after your session. This Style Profile report will include everything the stylist covered with you plus new outfit ideas.
    You’ll get simple, proven and little-known techniques with detailed examples that have been specially created for you.
  • Benefit from teaming up with Personal Stylists who are experienced, friendly and articulate. They will put you at your ease immediately. You’ll enjoy spending time with them, reassured you’re receiving the best possible styling advice.
  • Get 100% independent product advice… we don’t earn commission from anything you buy. So there’s no pressure on you to buy anything – ever.
  • Your stylist will always shop within your budget. She’ll keep a careful eye on it and show you how to squeeze the last penny out of it.
  • We cover many locations in the UK – so you can shop in an area convenient to you.

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Your complete satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We promise to deliver a Personal Styling Experience which will transform the way you dress. If you’re not satisfied with your Styling Experience, please contact us within 24 hours with your feedback and we will give you a complete refund.

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