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Your partner is waiting for you, (he, of course, has been ready for ages) the clock is ticking, the party begins in just over an hour, and you are in your underwear – with nothing to wear.

stock-wardrobe-3Panicking, you pull out garment after garment, piling your bed higher and higher with things you thought you could wear – this skirt has a broken zip, this dress is too short, that’s too tight / too old/ or, quite frankly, just looks a fright.

You’re really despairing by now as you pull on another pair of ill-fitting trousers and begin to wish you had a different body and a different wardrobe.

It’s times like these you look into the mirror and want to throw yourself on top of the pile of ill-fitting clothes on the bed and howl into them. It’s the same old emotions – insecurity, disappointment, and frustration, “Why can’t I find anything to wear?”

Inevitably out comes the tried, trusted and safe outfit everyone has seen you in many times before. But you know that all night long you’ll be looking around the room at other well-dressed women and thinking “Why can’t I look like that?”

Do You Want To Feel Wonderful Every Time You Go Out?

stock-wardrobe-4Have you seen those TV makeover shows when they sort out somebody’s wardrobe? The stylist make the person look great, without major surgery or expensive overhauls, just by knowing which colours and styles work to compliment that person.

Have you ever thought, “I want someone like that to come and show me how to look wonderful?”

Well, now you can have your own personal style guru who can tell you exactly what suits you and why, and be completely honest with you in a positive way, ensuring that you feel great every time you open those wardrobe doors, and every time you go out!

You won’t believe the difference it can make when you look in your wardrobe and feel really good about every single item in there.

Finally you can be free of all those clothes you have shoved to the back – hoping that someday they will fit, or come back in fashion. Our Wardrobe Makeover will uplift you and give you an amazing sense of release once you know what to keep and how to wear clothes and accessories to look great.

How To Look Incredible In 4 Hours Starting From Scratch

This is how the Wardrobe Makeover Works:

I warn you, this session is hands on! The starting point is finding out what you want to get out of the session.

1. We prepare thoroughly by sending you a questionnaire to fill in and when the stylist receives it, she’ll phone you to discuss your requirements in detail so that she can prepare fully for your session.

2. And then your wardrobe transformation begins! Your Personal Stylist will set to work showing you which of your clothes suit you and WHY.

  • You’ll learn how to combine your clothes and accessories to create a whole host of new looks and also how to wear your outfits effortlessly and stylishly.
  • You’ll discover how to dress for your size, body shape and colouring, in comfortable, flattering clothes that will make you look and feel marvellous. You won’t believe all these great outfits have been lurking in your wardrobe the whole time!
  • Your style advisor will also identify any gaps in your wardrobe so that when you go shopping, you’ll know exactly what to snap up.

By the end of your Wardrobe Makeover, you will feel the weight lifted not just from the wardrobe rail, but also from off your shoulders as, at last, you discover your personal style which has eluded you all these years.

Now you’ll know exactly what to look for when you shop, you’ll feel exhilarated when you fling open your cupboard doors and excited to leave the house every morning!

Looking great every day can be effortless and exciting. Call us on 0845 045 0858.

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We provide a FREE Lifetime Aftercare service so you can continue to phone us at any time after your session to ask any questions or advise you might need with any aspect of your styling routine.