How A Plain Jane Outfit & A Friend In A Gorgeous “Little Black Number” Ruined A Party And Inspired A Better Way To Dress…

Dear Frustrated Shopper,

A lovely lady, Caroline, phoned our office a few weeks ago to chat about why and how she wanted to change her wardrobe. Every client has a story about why they’ve decided they have to do something about their wardrobe.

Caroline’s final straw came when she was getting ready to go out for a party. She stood in front of her overflowing wardrobe and didn’t have a clue what to wear. She’d left it until the last moment to choose her outfit because she knew it was going to be a nightmare. Her husband was pacing the room telling her to get a move on or they’d be late and she felt stressed and hurried. She could feel the tears welling up and felt hopelessly lost.

She couldn’t think straight so she pulled on an old tried-and-trusted outfit: black trousers with a black shirt, comfy old court shoes and the same jewellery she always wore when she went out. Her husband barely glanced at her, he’d seen her in that outfit so many times.

Throughout the evening, she felt outshone by her two friends who looked stylish and attractive and completely at ease with themselves. One in particular was wearing a figure-flattering black cocktail dress and was getting plenty of attention from the guys. Caroline’s confidence was in pieces.

That evening, she resolved to do something about her Plain Jane wardrobe – she was determined she was never going to struggle with finding the right outfit ever again.

She wanted to look great, quickly and without thinking too hard about it. She wanted to feel a million dollars. And she wanted her husband to notice her. And it needed to cost no more than she already spent on clothes. Could it be done, she asked when she called?

This got us thinking, so we put our heads together at The Glass Slipper and decided to write the definitive guide to sorting out your wardrobe, showing you how to go from Plain Jane to Stylish Diva – but here’s the secret – you only need 15 core pieces for your wardrobe to do it.

We came up with a brilliantly simple way of creating such a wardrobe of clothes that could be combined to create many looks – but more about that later.

Stop Wasting Your Time, Effort And Money On Buying Clothes You Don’t Like And Hardly Ever Wear

You might feel like Caroline. Do you feel frustrated with your wardrobe? Do you find it hard to find the right clothes that suit your bodyshape, and do you end up buying the same old boring and safe colours that make you feel invisible?

Is it a nightmare putting together great outfits, and do you keep wearing the same old combinations again and again even though they’re as dull as dishwater?

How about clothes shopping? Do you find that clothes look good on hangers and on the mannequins, but awful when you try them on? Do you end up buying them because you feel you need to have something new? How much money do you pour down the drain every single year on clothes and accessories that are just not you?

Now you can discover a goldmine of styling knowledge and expertise, in a remarkable new eBook, How To Create Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe. It’s your indispensable guide which will show you exactly how to put together your own tailor-made Capsule Wardrobe – to stunning effect –

Buy this brand new eBook and you’ll discover a literally foolproof way to build the wardrobe that will keep you looking fabulous at work, home, nights out and even when you’re out somewhere special, too.

And the best part for you is – you don’t need any styling experience!

Here’s A Peek Inside How To Create Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Master the art of creating stunning, comfortable and affordable outfits each and every day- you’ll amaze yourself at how quickly you start creating head-turning looks- get ready for those compliments to start rolling in.
  • Discover the critical rules for planning your ultimate Capsule Wardrobe. These guidelines will make the crucial difference between success and failure (page 10)
  • How to choose the key colours for your Capsule Wardrobe – and how to organise your clothes and accessories around these colours (page 7)
  • The easy way to give your wardrobe a makeover so that you are left with the pieces that you love and that make you look incredible- and you can finally chuck those “guilty” purchases that you never wear (page 13)
  • Revealed: how to buy critical investment pieces that will save you a small fortune and a huge amount of time- even if you hate shopping, you’ll find it easy and satisfying to pick up the perfect items when you follow our expert shopping tips (page 54)
  • The 15 key pieces hand-picked by our highly creative styling team that can be turned into 50 fabulous outfits finished off with accessories – all illustrated in stunning colour photos- resulting in a hugely versatile and flexible wardrobe that will work hard for you at every level, and for any occasion
  • How to pick the right accessories for each outfit – they play a crucial role in finishing off an outfit and making it uniquely stylish to you- and discover how accessories can create a whole new number of different looks
  • And much, much more sent straight to your inbox …

Are You Ready To Use These Simple Wardrobe Styling Secrets To Finally Look How You Want?

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If you’re stumped for gift ideas for friends or loved ones who are having a wardrobe crisis, this is the perfect solution to their “I don’t know what to wear” dilemmas.

To your styling success,

Nina Cooke
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P.S. After all this, if there is still even the least little doubt in your mind as to whether or not you should order How To Create Your Perfect Wardrobe, read this testimonial from Samantha in London:

“The information in this book has made an enormous difference to my confidence. I received three (!) compliments yesterday at work, two from men and one from a glamorous colleague who I’ve always been envious of because she always looks so good!

My husband was getting a teensy bit jealous last Saturday when a male (single) friend of ours kept commenting on how great I was looking and admiring my hair. It’s nothing to do with my hair, it’s all to do with the fantastic outfit I’d put together using your advice in your fabulous ebook. I’ve cleared out lots of gunk that’s been in my wardrobe for ages and can finally see the wood for the trees.

Thank you Glass Slipper, you’ve made this 40-year old very happy.”


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