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A Day in the Life of a Personal Shopping Client

November 21st, 2007

The Client:

Susan is a 38-year-old mother of two with a part-time job in a small office. She has “lost her way”, telling us, “I want to stop wearing the same thing all the time – I need to get out of just jeans and find a more stylish alternative.

“I’m fed up of wearing ill-fitting clothes, I really feel I’ve lost sight of what suits me. I want to start enjoying clothes again, not dread them. I have no sense of style, most clothes are brought ad hoc. I really want ideas of how to put combinations of outfits together.”

Handbags on ShelvesThis is all contributing to Susan’s loss of confidence. She says: “I have a crisis of confidence and feel I dress middle-aged because fashion is more suited to a 20-year-old who’s a size 8.

“I want to feel more confident and comfortable in what I wear, I don’t feel that the clothes I wear reflect how I feel about myself. Therefore, I’d like to find a style that makes me look and feel good.

“I want to find the confidence to try on different things, so that I can project the right image for work, and social occasions.”

She ends by saying, “I would love to go shopping and not come back feeling fat, frumpy and miserable”.

She is a size 12-14 and is looking to inject some style and oomph back into her lacklustre wardrobe. She is looking for clothes that will flatter her bodyshape and colouring.

Preparation by the Stylist:

Before the Personal Shopping Session…

Susan is asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire regarding what she wants to achieve from the personal styling experience, what she currently wears, where she shops, her likes and dislikes regarding clothes, and her shopping budget.

She emails the completed questionnaire along with a photograph directly to her stylist. This helps her personal stylist to understand exactly what Susan’s aims are for the personal shopping session.

The stylist begins preparing for the shop, and does a pre-shop to work out exactly where she’s going to take Susan and what she’s going to show her.

High HeelsA few days before they meet, Susan’s stylist contacts her to go through the questionnaire to make sure she fully understands her goals for the shopping experience.

They talk about what Susan wants to achieve from the day, which shops and stores they will visit and then arrange a time and place to meet.

Shopping budget: you set the personal shopping – it can be anything from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds. Whatever your budget, our stylists will help you to spend it wisely so that you get maximum wear out of each item you buy.

The Day…

Susan meets her personal stylist outside Selfridges in Oxford Street at 9.30am. The early start means that the stores won’t be crowded, which gives both Susan and her personal stylist a fantastic opportunity to view the store’s contents.

They have a quick chat to recap Susan’s shopping objectives for the day.

They stylist suggests they shop for fantastic-fitting jeans in a few colours and styles, a complete set of basic jerseys in a range of colours, some casual trousers that can be dressed up or down, some wearable daytime dresses and skirts, a classic jacket and a range of accessories and shoes to tie all of the outfits together.

They start by browsing the racks looking for some updated jeans shapes, trendy but functional sweaters, and some great basic vests and t-shirts in a range of neutral and fashion colours.

Next, they hit the changing rooms where the stylist uses the first fitting to assess which styles and shapes are the most flattering for Susan’s figure, and which colours make her skin look vibrant, her hair sparkle and her hair shine.

With this information, they hit the shop floor again making more calculated choices on their selection of garments. A final try on pulls together some great outfits and Susan’s new wardrobe gets off to a flying start.

HandbagsNow, they move on to other high street and department stores looking for further items on their list. In Oasis they find some great cotton cargo trousers that convert into ¾ length short, as well as some knitted shrugs to layer up over the basic jerseys.

Warehouse yields a fabulous cotton layered skirt which ties in perfectly with a sweater brought in Top Shop, so Susan delightedly snaps that up too.

A quick stop for a coffee gives them the time to assess what’s been brought so far and what they still need to buy.

The stylist has been keeping an eye on the budget and with less than half of it spent, she recommends they hit Zara in search of a classic jacket and some smarter looking trousers to wear to work.

Armed with various items they spend the next half-hour trying on clothes in the Zara changing room. Eventually they decide on some tailored, wide-legged trousers, a casual cotton blazer, the perfect fitted pencil skirt and a chiffon blouse that can either be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with trousers.

Having bought most of the items on their “Must Have” list, they decide to look for a few special items to really take Susan’s wardrobe to a level she would never have believed possible.

A Personal Shopping ClientIn Monsoon, they buy a fabulous chiffon party dress and a beautiful beaded camisole top. Next, they move on to Harvey Nichols where Susan invests in a beautiful belted cardigan from TSE.

In Reiss, the stylist spots a well-cut, classic trench coat with a fitted waist and fuller skirt that flatters Susan’s curvaceous figure. Susan is delighted and immediately buys it.

Finally, it’s time for accessories. First, it’s into Office where they buy leather ballet pumps and embellished flip flops in a few bright colours to perfectly complement the colour palette of Susan’s new clothes.

Lastly, they arrive at Accessorize where some bold beads, pretty charm bracelets and a squishy leather bag pull all of Susan’s new items together to create the perfect and stylish new wardrobe she’s set out in her goals.

The day ends with a few final words of advice from her stylist ringing in her ears, as Susan heads off to find a cab, laden down with bags and brimming with new-found confidence!


Susan can continue to phone or email us at The Glass Slipper if she has any questions after her shopping session for as long as she likes. We are here to help and are delighted to carry on assisting and advising our clients after their experience with us.

Once you become our client, we will look after all your needs. This Aftercare Client Service is offered free to all our clients for as long as they need it.