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May 3rd, 2015

Fashion Week Inspiration

Be inspired by London Fashion Week and step out in your favorite feel-good frocks. You can walk your own catwalk everyday if you choose wisely and put in a little extra effort. You’re worth it and you’ll feel FABULOUS!

Make the sun shine in your wardrobe on a dull, dreary day. Do whatever it takes to put a skip in your step, whether it’s a bright colour, a gorgeous fitted jacket, a dynamic dress, or super flattering jeans that fit just right.

Are you running errands, attending school meetings, back to work, volunteering or staying home and just taking time for yourself? Whatever you’re up to this week, you can still feel gorgeous by stepping up your game with a few basic wardrobe essentials.

Fashion Fundamentals

A Comfortable T-shirt

Never underestimate a great t-shirt. They are great layering pieces. A soft long-sleeve tee is perfect under an open cardigan. Both Mint Velvet, Jigsaw and Mango have excellent choices.

You can find this colourful wardrobe basic virtually everywhere and it’s a crucial element to your wardrobe. You may need to revamp your collection if your tees are worn or dis-coloured. Feeling stylish is all about being polished but making it look effortless!

The Cardigan

Every girl should have 3-4 interchangeable cardigans. You could choose a knit, jersey, or cotton version. Use them to add dimension to your ensemble by layering a silk top or your basic tee underneath.

Look for ones without buttons if you’re planning on showing off your shirt or wearing a long pendant necklace.

A cardigan is also very useful to neutralize a bright colour or pattern. Prints are fun, but too much of a good thing can get in the way of your look. By throwing on that extra layer, you can still enjoy your favourite florals, but your look will be softer. If you’re wearing a tapered jean or trouser, choose a cardigan that is light weight, loose fitting and falls below the belt and pockets. By wearing a longer top, you can pull off a higher heel and look more chic and elegant.



The Day Dress

Let’s have lunch! Show-stopping looks from Mango, Reiss, Mint Velvet, Zara, and French Connection are on the radar for work, play or lunching with the ladies. Their collections are effortlessly cool and casual.

When shopping for the perfect versatile day dress, hunt for year round fabrics and patterns that can be layered under a cardigan or a jacket. If you’re going from day to night, be sure the fabric can be dressed up. Silks and jerseys are perfect choices.

By adding a leather or a black tailored jacket and altering your footwear, you take your day dress to the dining room.




The Cool Weather Jacket

Sometimes when you are going from one thing to another, or on the school run, no one ever sees your brilliant ensemble underneath. They just notice your jacket. LOVE your jacket…it’s one of your Investment Pieces (think cost per wear).

Every time you put on that outer layer, work it and love it. You may need a couple of great jackets based around the contents of your wardrobe. If you tend to wear longer pieces, your jacket should go at least to your thigh.

A shorter jacket is great for jeans, short skirts and trousers, but be sure your cardigan or jumper doesn’t fall too far below the jacket hem. With a shorter jacket, your shirt can peek out a bit, but it must look intentional, proportional and coordinate with the line.


Mint Velvet



Trend Alert

“Supersize Me”

Another trend this season is “oversized everything”. Venture out with caution when tackling this comfortable trend. Remember only one super trendy article of clothing should be worn at a time.

Also, be careful with proportion on this trend. If you’re petite, an oversized coat or jumper can swallow your small frame. Taller frames can carry this trend better, but still be wary.

Work Out Wear

Being Fit and Fabulous!

We can’t forget our exercise gear. It’s a forgotten fashion staple (like lingerie can be). Get your 30 minutes of cardio in with Sweaty Betty, Nike, Gap Body, or Stella McCartney exercise wear.

The key is to feel good about yourself when you’re sweating and working hard. Look for fun colours and polished details to add a feminine edge.

Also, a few new items for your workout will inspire you to get up and going!

Use it or Lose it!

Don’t hide your clothes in your closet! Actually WEAR your statement pieces.

Since your basics are simple and comfortable, you can wear them to Waitrose or Starbucks. You can wear them at your desk buried in paperwork and you can wear them at home doing homework with the kids.

Everyone is allowed a few cooking, gardening, dog walking items. Only a few though! If most of your wardrobe falls into this category, it’s time to edit them out. Charity shop… here you come!

Think about the ROI, “return on investment”. The ROI is how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived. You only have one chance to make a great first impression. If it’s time to recreate your look, this is only the beginning…